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BASIC plan


Start to make you known!

Create your profile, your artworks or your locations, upload your photos and join events.

Start here
3 Artworks / 1 Location
can be created
1 Attachment
for each artwork/location
1 Event in a year
and you can invite everyone
Unlimited Events
where you can be invited
Email Support



No limits to your Art desire!

More Artworks and Locations loaded in your profile.
You can start more Events.

30 Artworks / 3 Locations
can be created
10 Attachments
for each artwork/location
10 Events in a year
and you can invite everyone
Unlimited Events
where you can be invited
Email Support in 48h

Mecenize is an ambitious and very young project based on collaboration between Artists and Location Owners. Our goal in this initial phase is to show and explain the project to as many users as possible. Signup and invite your friends.

(1) - Do you want to get the EXPERT plan ? It's easy, bring a friend !
If you invite a friend you will be rewarded with our EXPERT plan free for a whole year. We ask to our early users to subscribe in couple, looking for a location owner (if you are an artist) or an artist (if you are a location owner) in your every day places. Artist and Location Owner don't need to have already organized some event together, and they must not know each other. They just need to share the desire to join the Mecenize community. After sign up, they can follow the "Invite a friend" link in the user private home page. It's not mandatory to subscribe both at the same time, you can always invite a friend. If you are an Artist, try to convince a Location Owner to host an art exhibition of your works. If you are a Location Owner, suggest to an Artist to organize together your first art event in Mecenize.

If you decide Mecenize isn't for you - no problem. No commitment. Cancel online anytime.

If you need more information, please check our Terms of Service.