Our name

Mecenize is a neologism, it is (still) not present in any dictionary. The word is based on two elements and describes the action of support art activities for pleasure, obtaining also an appearance and financial gain.

Mecenate (patronage)

Patronage is the support, encouragement, privilege, or financial aid that an organization or individual bestows to another. In the history of art, arts patronage refers to the support that kings, popes and the wealthy have provided to artists such as musicians, painters, and sculptors.[...]1

From the ancient world onward, patronage of the arts was important in art history. [...]

Most languages other than English still use the term mecenate, derived from the name of Gaius Maecenas, generous friend and adviser to the Roman Emperor Augustus. Maecenas is most famous for his support of young poets, hence his name has become the eponym for a "patron of arts".2

Suffix -ize

Used to form verbs from nouns or adjectives, the verbs having the sense of "to make what is denoted by the noun/adjective".3

Our Mission

Mecenize is an open Community to:

  • all artists : newcomers, established, amateur, professional
  • all those who wish to provide spaces to Art inviting some artists
  • all art lovers , from the curious to the casual visitor to the expert

Mecenize aims to match demand and service offerings among the members of the Community , for the benefit of the members themselves, but also of society in the most general sense. The relationships that Mecenize can facilitate may offer benefits to all. Consider for example:

  • the opportunity for artists to find a space to exhibit their art to be known by the public
  • the opportunity for location owners or managers to enhance them, qualifying its image and improving the number of visitors thanks to the events organized together with the artists
  • the opportunity for art lovers to take advantage of the most comprehensive and attractive services thanks to the added value of Art

Mecenize is based on these principles:

  • democracy, respect and merit
  • no artistic censorship, subject to good taste and legality

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